About us

Marbres Pla del Estany we are a small company founded in 2009 with a long experience in the marble sector.
We wanted, in an orderly and consequent way, to bring fresh air to an unfortunately unfortunate branch. We have opted to optimize the processes from the best machinery, with the added tranquility of working with the best materials on the market.
The experience gained over the years has taught us that each material has its place and we do not hesitate to say the pros and cons of each material so that the client obtains a satisfactory result.
In Marbres Pla del Estany we are dedicated to the supply, transformation and placement of any type of stone, marble, granite, porcelain material and quartz material (silestone, compac ..)
It is necessary to indicate that we are specialists in special pieces (singular designs of spades, baths, shower trays ...) and we participate in the design.
Another specialty of ours is the work of stone masonry, large format stones and restoration. We cut stones of large format with leading machinery and, if necessary, we work it by hand so that it is at the maximum integrated within the rustic work.